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 Why we need Buy Local?

There is one definition of money that "Money is a Relationship. It’s nothing but a Way to Shape cooperation".

It is a relationship of debt that allows us to engage in trade and that we trust because banks manage and guarantee it. We need it especially when we don’t know each other well. You can collaborate with your friends and family because you trust each other; you do things for each other because you like doing them; your behavior is shaped by some sort of natural inclination inherent in a long-term relationship. You know that you will be given something back in due me, or you do things for others simply because you like them and then it doesn’t matter if you get paid back or not. If you spend it locally and thereby provide your neighbors with business opportunities, you will be repaid in the future because some of your neighbors will do the same for you.

Added to this personal benefit is the increase of local tax revenue it generates. That delivers a further tool to reinforce the social fabric by improving local services.

You might choose to buy locally because you want to contribute to your community. We incorporate that unconsciously in our personal relationships. 

"We don’t insist on the buying of local products for ideological reasons; in many cases it is sensible, or even inevitable, to buy products outside the local community. If clean and sustainable production of a certain product can best be realized on a large scale, so be it, but in many cases, a local purchase is a better choice both economically and ecologically.” 


 Why Buy Local? Keep your money where your heart lives, support an economy of friends and neighbors, and build a community that thrives by thinking local first.